Useful study tips : How to study through self motivation

There is nothing more beautiful than you proving yourself, just how good you are in studies and learning the topic which you are even scared to take the name of and finally you do it through self motivation.
When you master your mindset to study, you drive yourself to study daily and make it to that level which you expected to reach.

You know, you are a magician and the powers you have within yourself are hidden inside you.You are the only one to expose your power but you can do it when you know what that power is. No one can motivate you; this is all your positive thoughts that encourage you to do this on your own and invest yourself in studies.

Why you cannot study properly? What is the reason behind it?
Write the worst of the worst answer to this question and write it down in your notebook. And believe me, you will get all the best answers of your question by yourself only because you are the only one who can change yourself you are the reason of your loss and dude you are the champion of your dreams.

You know you should have a reason to study.

Reason to Study

Yes, you must have an overriding reason to study and that reason will provide you with interest and that’s the only thing which can motivate, super motivate you. And from where the interest comes? Interest is something which gives us the best feeling, moreover, interest focuses all our attention on the particular thing.

You can’t stop yourself from watching TV for at least an hour when you first get home from school. Because you are habitual of that.
Whatever you do, do not sit there staring at your textbook and wall, doing nothing for hours on end, convincing yourself that this counts as “study time”.

Here are the truths that no one tells you:

Don’t Depend on the Motivation:

For studying, you cannot always depend on motivation because this is one type of addiction and all the time you do not get the motivation. So you must not always rely on any motivation only.

Make a Habit to study:

Making a Habit to study means you will go to study at a certain time of a day. Habit is something which comes first and very good for you because habit indirectly stimulates you to study. It somehow forces you to study.

Stop worrying about your bulky syllabus:

Even if you are bad at a particular subject, Worrying is stupid. It’s like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain, so it’s better to study regularly so that you do not have stress in your mind. Don’t waste your brains worrying, spend it on studies and the results will favor you.

“Be patient sometimes you have to go through the worst to get to the best”

Find a silent space where you won’t be distracted:

Select a sufficient and neat & clean place where you can study. Selecting a comfortable place where no one can distract you from studying is a way to build up a concentration and dirty place also might distract your mind.

Don’t leave until you make some progress:

If you have seated to study at your place don’t leave until you have completed your daily scheduled topic. You have to believe that you have the power to complete that topic, sometimes your mind doesn’t support you to study the scheduled topic then you have to choose your favorite subject to study.

Be a strict teacher of your own:

You have to be strict for studying. You have to make rules for your study time management schedule and shouldn’t be distracted from any of the external forces like Parents market work, friend’s party or anything else. You have to stick to your word, that you will study.

Do you Require any motivation to play your favorite sport, or when you dance on your favorite music when you perform any of your hobbies or do you need any motivation when you surfing the internet when you Whatsapp your friend or while using any of the social media application.?

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Find more hours in your day through time management


You are somebody who truly believe being in present, you always have to feel focus in the present because what you are doing in present will have impact on future.
This is the big problem for a student who is an optimistic, deterministic and big desired person to manage the limited time and lacking in utilizing the fuller capacity, and the goal will not achieved in the minimal time available with them.
If you are student you are having a big goal and lots of responsibility which you cannot ignore because we are living in the country where we have to manage our connections with the peace and helpful nature, so here we have to invest our time carefully, we must have to work on our schedule. We have made our time schedule so that we can easily make time for everything in our life.
“Time is free but it’s priceless,
you can’t own it but you can use it.
You can’t keep it but you can spend it,
Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back .
You know; when the time is gone you can never get it back.”

Here after gaining experience and observing the people and the factor which affect the time of an individual for not doing their work on proper schedule time.

  • Not have a proper organize schedule of your work: –eat The first and foremost thing is your work schedule, in school also teacher ask us to make our time table of daily work as well as for preparation for final exam, this is because if you divide your time for the respective work than you have the knowledge of doing the next work on the time and as the time goes your work will end. This is best and easy way to invest your time for greatest return, so today you must have to make schedule for all the things where you invest your time.
  • Using Social media between the break: – _it takes discipline not to let social media steal your time_.jpgYes, social media affect your time you know how, when you take break after studying one or two topic, you check your phone randomly and then you forgot that you have to complete your work this is the major problem occur by all the teenagers, because we are at the age where we like to socialize ourselves and we eager to talk with our love ones and random people and you know you don’t get proper answer on social media this is all fake emotions , you reply on their message and then you wait for their reply again you reply them and again you wait for their reply and in this way you spend you all the time on chatting and you cannot your time at the end .
  • Watching TV and YouTube: – _it takes discipline not to let social media steal your time_ (1)Watching TV and wasting time is old thing people use watch TV for hours and hours and now people shift from TV to YouTube all the teenagers surfing the internet for mood changing, entertainment YouTube using trick he shows you the channel which you like most and then you start watching all the videos and you resist to stop watching your favorite videos ,so at that time you must have control on your action because if you can’t control you action then anybody can dominate you and this is very harmful for you and you time.
  • Worrying about completing work: – _it takes discipline not to let social media steal your time_ (2).jpgWorrying about the work may block your mind to complete the task on the schedule time, people always worrying that how they will complete the work on the limited time, rather they have to stop worrying about the completion of work they have to start doing the work, Just keep taking those baby steps everyday you think you are not moving but when you look back you will realize how far you have come. You must have to take “to begin any journey you must have to take first step to start”.
  • Over thinking and wasting time: – _it takes discipline not to let social media steal your time_ (3).jpgBefore doing any work you think too much to start and this too much thinking causes you to waste your time. Over thinking gives small things a big shadow that may cause you to doing the task and you divert your time to unnecessary work. You must have to take time to be sure but be sure that you not taking too much time to be sure. Over thinking takes your mind from actively thinking for current situation to the dream situation and which cause you to disturb you from your present, so think but do not over think.
  • Hanging out with time waster: – _it takes discipline not to let social media steal your time_ (5).jpgYou know you judge by your group and your friends group also affect your time because you always hanging out with them and if they make plan for partying watching movie you also participate and enjoying, making plan for partying so this also affect you time, as if you are dominated by the people who did not have any goal ambitious in life and who always waste their time then you also behave like them and this cause big loss, and you cannot finish your task on the time ,so you must aware of your company, people who are with you affect your daily working task.
  • Taking a Nap for five minutes: – _it takes discipline not to let social media steal your time_ (6).jpgYou promised to yourself as you are going to take five minutes nap and then you will going to start studying with fresh mood but, this is not working when you are getting bored and you are taking five or ten minutes break this break converted into hours of sleep so this also going to waste your schedule time because you are not investing time in resulted activity this not going to help you to compete the task on the time ,so you must have to avoid taking nap rather you have to take complete hours of sleep.

Time management is very simple task if you are carefully scheduling your time with your work but if you are not aware of your time than you cannot achieve your task on time and this will go on.

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